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Let me introduce myself…

Welcome to my blog!

Currently, I am an avid reader of ebooks, in particular, romance / erotica ebooks. I started reading teen romance novels like Sweet Valley High. I graduated to the Harlequin books and then I was introduced to erotica one day when I picked up a Sherrilyn Kenyon book. I was pleasantly surprised when I started to read more detailed scenes of the sexual variety. I think I’ve consumed most of the dark hunter series. From there, I found Shannon McKenna’s McCloud series and loved finding more books with alpha males. These books opened my eyes to a new genre of romance books. Erotica! I still read the romance novels, like Lori Foster and Erin McCarthy, but I started to notice that these books were also more risque with detailed sex scenes. Far more detailed than the harlequin books I used to read.

So I started consuming more and more books. The problem was that I was a little shy letting other know what I was reading. Especially in the subway or at work. So, I started outfitting my books with makeshift book covers made of coloured paper. I would also try to position myself sitting such that anyone sitting next to me or standing near me would not know what exactly I was reading.

My second problem arose when I discovered that I had large rubbermaid containers filled with these books. The books were so good, that I was able to finish them quickly. Now, what do I do with all these books? I can’t very well display them for the whole world to see like I’ve done for my university textbooks on Chemistry, Biology, and Classical Mythology (I had a very eclectic schedule in university). Especially with very catholic family and very catholic in-laws to boot!

Question was, what do I do with all the books? I reread some of them but I had many that I only needed to read once. A garage sale of the books would just raise an eyebrow from my neighbours. I then discovered that I can donate them to the library. At least I can provide my collection to the masses and maybe gains some fans for my favourite authors.

I then discovered ebooks! At the time, kindle did not exist. Luckily, I had a little palm reader that I could download the books to and read on my little device. I also had the option to read on my computer but it wasn’t really portable. I survived like that for a while, even when Kindle came into the market. I would have purchased a Kindle, but like everything else in my life, I like things that can multitask, whether it’s my university schedule or the hardware on my computer.

I then got my iPod Touch and an app that allowed me to read my ebooks! My ebook collection exploded from there. And the great thing about an iPod Touch, no one can see what you’re reading. What I also love about ebooks is the price point. It was a lot easier to purchase an ebook at $0.99 to $2.99 a download then a print book at $5.99 to $11.99 a book.

Eventually, Kindle came out with an app for the iPod Touch. I’ve purchased almost all my books from Amazon (there were some that were part of a series that were not available on Amazon, or in my impatience, I couldn’t wait for it to come out on Kindle, so I went to other sources). I like that I can re-upload ebooks from my collection to reread them and catch up before I read a newly released book.

Kindle also provides you with recommendations based on the books you’ve already purchased. I’ve gained more favourites as a result (Marie Force and Laurann Dohner, to name a few). Sometimes, I look at the bestselling romance fiction ebook list and download a sample. I think the option to see a sample of the ebook is a fantastic idea because you can see if you want to continue reading the book. I purchase more books that way then just looking at the title or book cover. Although, the title and book cover are integral in my decision to download a sample.

With this, my brain was filled with many ideas for an ebook. What to do? After seeing a friend delve into the writing genre, inspirational essays and blogs from some of my favourite authors, and my best friend’s encouraging words, I decided, why not? 

So, with a brain full of ideas, I am going to embark into the world of romance / erotica. I can’t wait. Hopefully, I can make sense of it all and bring life into my alpha males and my heroines, who are a reflection of the personalities of my bestie and myself!

Let the writing begin!

Chassy Chéri


About chassycheri

An aspiring author of romance and erotica, through the inspirations of life, love, friends, and a vivid imagination!

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