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Someone should have told me that when you write a book, you should probably refrain from reading other books. Particularly, books that are part of a series! I cannot stop reading the books from the latest series that I am reading. And I still have a book waiting for me to read that is part of another series I started before. If anyone is looking to read a good romance suspense series, I recommend Christy Reece’s LCR series. Each book introduces a new set of characters that I know will be in a book of their own, so I have to read them all! I am now on book 6 out of 9 books. I’m losing sleep here. And, my book is on hold because I’m too anxious to see what happens next in the series.

All this effort to set up a blog / webpage, email address, twitter account, etc. I figured that it would pressure me into writing the book faster.

So far, I decided to start from scratch and begin the book with Jenny and Gwen discussing what their plan is for the weekend (where they will both meet their hotties…but I plan to have Gwen have her own book). I can probably incorporate the little bit I did write before somewhere in the next chapter because it has a bit of an explanation into Jenny’s background. I like the dynamic between Jenny and Gwen because there are some elements that I derive from my own BFF relationship.

So onward I go to switch back and forth from writing a bit and reading a lot :S

At least I’m on book 6, so I will probably end up finishing the series by the weekend. Maybe by then, I can start focusing on my book.


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