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Book 1 Blurb

I’ve heard that if you have a little blurb summarizing what the book is about, it helps when you get writer’s block. It also helps to keep the book going in the right direction. Here’s a draft summary of what book 1: Scent of Attraction is about.


Charlotte Emery has a problem with her nose. It dictates her life but she doesn’t know it. She doesn’t want to take a possible romance with her textpal, Max, to the next level for fear that she smell something amiss and taint that relationship.

Max Roberts feels a great connection with Charlotte and wants to take it to the next level but he doesn’t want to blur the lines between business and pleasure. When they finally meet in person, sparks fly.

Things go well at the beginning, but then her nose gets in the way. Usually, her nose wins. This time her heart’s declaring war.


I also have a temporary cover to keep me in line:


Let the writing continue :)!

Networking 101

I am taking an online course with RWA University on the RWA website. It’s taught by the wonderful Catherine Bybee. I love her books and I am delighted to see that she was teaching the course. I can’t wait to learn as much as I can to help boost my online presence. I’ve already started updating my Facebook profile and added a Facebook page for my pen name.

Next on the list of things to do is to continue writing this first book. Ideas keep floating in my head about Charlotte’s other friends and how their story will develop. Even though I have gain some free time since my toddler is now sleeping through the night, I seem to flit from many projects. Since I’ve been out of work (due to my employer going bankrupt while I was on maternity leave), I started a small home business for making pocket squares. On top of that, I’ve taken online courses from web design, to Adobe Photoshop, to Microsoft Office software, and then to author tools like the one mentioned before. And my other favourite distraction is the release of many new books from my favourite authors. Adding social media networking is just icing on the cake. However, they do say that the best way to write as an author is to continue writing in any form, and that would include blogging. I even try to dabble in some critiquing through Scribophile.

So far, I have 16K words and I’m on Chapter 4. Due to all the distractions, I keep rereading the earlier chapters to see where I think I’m going with the story. Hoping I can figure out a better schedule and efficient time management strategy so that I can get this book out of my brain by the end of the year!

Let’s Get it Started!

I’m back to restart writing my book. I have been busy with my 1 year old, but now that I’ve gotten him trained to sleep through the night, I’ve been busy tweaking my outlines for the books in the series. I’ve signed up with and watched some helpful video tutorials by Lisa Cron on Writing Fundamentals: The Craft of Story. Since I’m writing a series, I’m trying to figure out all the characters and their stories, and how it all weaves together. I probably should focus on one story at a time, but since something in one book affects what happens in the future books, I have to set things up in this first book. This can make things very confusing, but I’m getting there. I doesn’t help that many of my ideas come to me while I’m driving my 6 year old to school, and I don’t have anything to take notes on while I’m driving. I can’t do much during the day because my 1 year old is very demanding (and I give in because he’s just so darn cute and I’m trying to cherish every moment of his babyhood). A lot of my motivation to get this book up and running has to do with the fact that I didn’t go back to work because my company went bankrupt and I lost my job. It’s good because I get to spend time with my toddler, but there’s a lot of pressure to figure out what I want to do with my life. I’m hoping that this is the way to go. I’m going to join the RWA and Toronto Romance Writers chapter for the RWA, hoping that this can further motivate me to write, write, write.

So, here’s to a new year!

Facing the unknown…

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Have to take a little hiatus. Unfortunately, it’s a hiatus from not much. I’m about to venture into a new job. It took a couple of months to develop, but I finally got a job offer and had to hand in my letter of resignation to my current employer, which was not fun at all. But, I did it, and now comes the transition from something that I’ve been used to for the past almost 13 years to a new environment. So, to prepare for all the change over of responsibilities and paperwork, I won’t have time to write for the next two weeks, unless I get some energy in the very late evening. I will miss the muse across the street, the construction dude, who looks a lot like Chris Hemsworth. I still have my other muses to fall back on.

Wish me good luck changing jobs!


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Someone should have told me that when you write a book, you should probably refrain from reading other books. Particularly, books that are part of a series! I cannot stop reading the books from the latest series that I am reading. And I still have a book waiting for me to read that is part of another series I started before. If anyone is looking to read a good romance suspense series, I recommend Christy Reece’s LCR series. Each book introduces a new set of characters that I know will be in a book of their own, so I have to read them all! I am now on book 6 out of 9 books. I’m losing sleep here. And, my book is on hold because I’m too anxious to see what happens next in the series.

All this effort to set up a blog / webpage, email address, twitter account, etc. I figured that it would pressure me into writing the book faster.

So far, I decided to start from scratch and begin the book with Jenny and Gwen discussing what their plan is for the weekend (where they will both meet their hotties…but I plan to have Gwen have her own book). I can probably incorporate the little bit I did write before somewhere in the next chapter because it has a bit of an explanation into Jenny’s background. I like the dynamic between Jenny and Gwen because there are some elements that I derive from my own BFF relationship.

So onward I go to switch back and forth from writing a bit and reading a lot :S

At least I’m on book 6, so I will probably end up finishing the series by the weekend. Maybe by then, I can start focusing on my book.

Get your motor running!

I decided to just dive right in and start the next book. I’m hoping it will give me some inspiration to continue the first book for the other series. I’m now stumped with the senses series. Luckily, I was able to pull of 1000 words yesterday for the BFF series. If I didn’t have to work today and plan for a late night hot yoga class, I would have probably continued into the wee hours of the morning. The last thing I need is to pass out during hot yoga.

So, this is just a little update so that I can keep track of myself and push myself to make sure I continue with my progress.

To be continued…

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